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From day one our journey wasn’t “normal”. We met online (more and more prevalent these days), we got married about 6 months after meeting, left careers, went through unemployment, sold our house, lived full-time in our RV, got pregnant, Tavis accepted his dream job(!!!!) only to find out that we would have to move 1,200 miles from our home and family to an island.

Because of Tavis’s job training, we lived in 3 different states while I was pregnant, we had Aiden, our son, and promptly moved 600 miles when he was 3 days old. A few short weeks later, when Aiden was 6 weeks old, we moved to our new island home we have been trying to figure out “normal” life ever since. New shopping, always being ready for the power or water to go out. not relying on the things that uses to be norms. Figuring out recipes that I can make with the thing that are easily available here on the island.

We have now been married 3 years and have an amazing, ridiculous 18 month old little boy who keeps us busier than we let on. We are finally figuring out the ins and outs of island life, and we are realizing that we are contemplating quitting this dream job?!?! Why you ask? When it comes down to it, a life 1,200 miles away from our families is not a life that we want to live, and if we need to give up the dream to be close to the ones that we love, then I think we are finally ready to do it.

Follow us as we go through the process of figuring out what our normal looks like, because it isn’t the same for anyone.

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